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How to transfer wordpress site from one host to another

Actually you have to bother about what is wordpress and how its works.


so there are mainly 12 steps :

for example if you want to change  the domain to ( normally is in another host and you want to change it to godaddy hosting or any hosting account you have thats


1. Make a backup of wordpress directory and sql database from phpmyadmin of ( old host)

2.go to new host

3.make a database

4.add a user with password for the database

5.give all privilledges

6.import the backup directory to's directory where you want to install wordpress (you can use FTP to upload the files )

7.edit the wp-config.php  : change database name , username and password with your current db name,username and password.

8.import the sql to new host on phpmyadmin

9.make sure the prefix table is exaclty correct in wp-config.php

10.go to phpmyadmin

11.change the prefix_others with your new name .

ie it will be , you have to change it to

12. login to wordpress and revert all pages to draft and re-publish it.


Thats it . now you are successfully transferred your old wordpress to new hosting account.