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I cannot use the save/cancel/x when editing in wordpress?

I set up my Wordpress page about a year ago, and I now need to change some information.


Whenever I try to edit a container whenever I click on save/cancel/ or try to X(close) out the edit box, instead of performing the desired action the "Content Box Background Color" expands and collapses.

Does anyone have any insight into this type of issue?




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Re: I cannot use the save/cancel/x when editing in wordpress?



Without being able to view your setup or dashboard, I can only surmise what may be going on....


If you've not updated your site in a year, do a complete backup and then update everything that needs updating.  That may resolve the issue.


Whenever WordPress is not functioning as it should or used to that tends to indicate a conflict -- theme or plugin or both. 


There is a troubleshooting process you can go through to try and determine where the conflict is and/or if one exists.  I have a step-by-step here.


If you go through the process and there is no conflict identified, then get on the phone with GoDaddy support, explain that you did trouble-shoot for a conflict and that it did not resolve the issue.


HTH! 😉




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