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In wordpress, how to create many pages that I can link to with ubermenu

I was going to use a megamenu with many links to product pages similar to this website. If you look under "Shop by team" you'll see what I mean.

There is ubermenu for wordpress so I think there should be a way to do it.


So far I cant figure out an efficient way to create all those pages. I'm using Canvas, woo commerce if it matters. I have learned that I can duplicate products but I need each product on a separate page with separate address that I can link to. At least thats what I think I need. Any suggestions?


Am I just thinking about this all wrong? I've made websites with dreamweaver for a while but I'm new to wordpress.


Thank you!


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Hey @BobLewisPhoto, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the kind of plugin you need to pull off what you needed. I think you can look at UberMenu, WR MegaMenu, Max Mega Menu, Mega Main Menu... and many more too numerous to name.


In terms of how to do it I would say that it should be easy seeing as how you are using WooCommerce? Assuming you are a WooCommerce structure you can just go into your admin > Appearance > Menus and bulk create menu links to individually Products, Product Categories, Product Tags... Ultimately as in your example a WooCommerce Product Category or tag called "Florida Gators" would display all of the corresponding WooCommerce associated products. So the "pages" you would have to create would be the individual products and the rest of the work would be queries against your existing data. Hope that helps?


Come back and let us know how it worked out, what you chose to use and why you chose to use it.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll have to think through your explanation and maybe work through it on the staging site. I have to learn to think like wordpress, which is different than what I'm used to. So far I'm not doing too well 😞



Hi @BobLewisPhoto,


For this type of menu layout, the links CAN be very "post-type" oriented.  For your example, the likely design is a menu using the shopping carts "end-points" in this case product categories.  Most well designed e-commerce themes have these built right into the selection menu for adding a new link to a menu. 


How efficient a particular theme is in allowing for menu population varies.  I use Avada with Ubermenu.  The example menu could have been created very quickly by checking the category and hitting an "Add to Menu" button.  You can use UberMenu to do all of the styling for you with the defaults you set for that particular menu.


Developing in WP is definitely different than in Dreamweaver.  If you are a bit of a hard-core coder, you might consider learning about "child themes."   You can download the entire wp installation as a Dreamweaver site, create a child theme, and use your coding skills to make changes and develop without having to develop in the WP core.


Also, a well written plugin from codecanyon can often save a huge block of time while you're learning the wp details.


Hope this helps,


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Thank you James,


I need to take a break form this and tend to some other things until tonight. I'll think about your suggestions and hopefully absorb it all LOL

I was never a good programmer (I gave up after "Data Structures" in school) but I have made a few sites with dreamweaver and implemented sliders and some other javascript from code canyon. Standard sites seem very linear, like a flow chart. Wordpress seems random or circular with many exits, entrances and short cuts... and different terminology. Short code, hook and other things I never heard of.

I'm also trying to understand why the person who made this site did things the way they did. For example they made womens short sleeve t-shirts all individual, simple products instead of a variable product with sizes and colors. So the image cant change to show the color that the customer chooses in the drop down. (at least that what I understand about product types, so far)


Each color t-shirt is tagged with the teams that it can go with, I guess so that it comes up if the customer searches for the team. Some shirt colors go with many teams. If I change the t-shirts to a variable product it may break the searchability... smh

I have a lot to learn LOL

Thanks again for the suggestions!

What I typically tell people when it comes to product data is there is no such thing as too much information. In terms of WooCommerce I think that simple products are fine and often suggest them as a choice for stores with under one-hundred products in inventory. For some smaller stores variable products can make for a very empty feeling storefront and the customer can think they have less choice.


I would probably go with multiple top level categories:

  • Sport1 (NFL of such)
    • Team1
    • Team2
    • Team3
    • Team4
  • Sport2 (MLB or such)
    • Team1
    • Team2
    • Team3
    • Team4
  • Shirts (Tops)
    • Short Sleeve
    • Long Sleeve
    • Sweatshirts
    • Sweaters

I would then just do color and size as a function of the product metadata. The goal being to end up being able to bring up results for Sport1 > Team3 and further go down to Shirts > Sweatshirts or just being able to display all of the Sweaters regardless of the sport. I've had websites that just sold t-shirts, I could have had one variable product with multiple designs but I find that visually something like that doesn't work. Perhaps seeing a simple product in red and displaying the related black shirt, white shirt and alternative shirts from the same team might work better? The good news is WooCommerce is great with this sort of thing.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Thanks rd,

I really appreciate your time to explain that. I see that you wrote it a few days ago and I just noticed it now. I think I may have jumped into a project that is too much for me at his point. If I dont start to get it soon I may have to hire someone to do it and show me how. I'm watching tutorials on woocommerce starting with lesson one so hopefully I'll understand enough to do this very soon. As I begin to put the pieces together in my mind I may be back with more questions...


Thank you, Bob

No problem @BobLewisPhoto, I'm happy to help. Let me know if I can do something giving you a shortcut to completion.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head