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Lyriical Theme - Can't remove original menu descriptions from header image on menu pages

So I adopted and adapted the lyrical theme by changing the primary menu items to match my needs; but it retains the original menu description in the header on the designated menu page:


e.g. I changed "About Us" in the original primary menu to "About Me" because I am a one-man business. The menu changed perfectly but now when I go to the page "About Me" there still remains across the header image the old description in big white letters "ABOUT US".


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Super User I



Did you also change the page's title?  


HTH! 😉

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

Hi Muse,

I believe so. The text that appears across the page header "About Us" I only see in the box marked Original. Navigation Label, Title Attribute & Description are all set by me to "About Me".




Okay, so if everything is entered by you properly but it is displaying differently we have the cache left.


Have you cleared your cache(s)?

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin


Did you ever figure out a solution? Same thing happening here. 


Same here there doesnt seem to be options to remove or change them. its just a part of my site.