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Moving from temporary domain with wordpress

Hello...a client I am working with has Front Page on her main domain name. Under the advice of godaddy, she purchased another domain, upon which she wants me to build her a wordpress website, then THAT site will move to replace the front page site under her main domain.


How does this work? godaddy told her it would be simple to move it, but won't all the wordpress links have to be changed? how do i even build a site under the secondary domain without any hosting? is this something i can do under one of my own hosting accounts instead?


help! have called tech support twice, and both times they just tell me I'll have to pay for answers...=(



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Re: Moving from temporary domain with wordpress

Hey there @intcon,


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So, based on what you're saying, you'll have to build a WordPress site from scratch because there is no way to directly import Front Page to my knowledge. When the dinosaurs built it, they didn't think there would be a need for anything else. They were very short-sighted and then got hit by an asteroid. Who knew, right?


Anyway, when you're building the WordPress site, you'll be updating the links in there regardless while you're building it. 


To answer your second question, you don't build a WordPress site without hosting. If the site doesn't get a ton of traffic, you could put it on shared hosting. I would recommend not going any lower than the Deluxe hosting package, however, as that will allow you to add additional sites in the future if your client wants that.


You can absolutely put it on your hosting account, or at least get started with the build of the new site, until your client purchases hosting for the site.


If the client goes ahead and purchases the hosting, you can simply use the domain they bought to build on and when it's time to take it live, you just change the primary domain. It should update the links when that change is made.


Hope that helps!

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