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SFTP very unstable, server caching deleted files

I have a managed WP site and the SFTP connection is exceedingly unreliable.


I'm trying to add and remove files on the server using Filezilla / Cyberduck and and the connection is refused very often, and disconnects very often after successfully connecting and performing a few file uploads. Occasionally files will upload only partially and be corrupted.


Why is the connection so unreliable? Other non-Godaddy SFTP hosts e.g. Hostgator have totally stable SFTP connections. I've never seen such unstable SFTP connections!


Caching issue:

In addition, files appear to be cached by the server, since even once a file has been deleted from the server using SFTP, it is still downloadable in a browser (this is not a browser cache issue as it occurs when the browser has never downloaded the file before). Why are files being cached?



While the SFTP connection is still appalling, I fixed the apparent caching issue. Because I'm on a hosted Wordpress account I needed to login to my website's wp-admin page and flush the cache (in the Godaddy menu at the top of the screen). This causes all files to be downloaded fresh again next time they're requested.


Hi @darri, thanks for posting.

I'm glad to hear you were able to sort out the caching issue. If you are still having trouble with with sFTP, you may want to try from a different network or try a different client. Otherwise, you may want to call Support so they can test your account and review it further with you in detail.


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