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Trying to browse my site and get "pageok" when on a page. Please help!

Trying to browse to my site and I only get a page with pageok written on it. No wordpress control panel just plain page with pageok on it. Any ideas please?


Re: pageok

Hi @csaranda

Normally, a 'page ok' error, is an indication that the domain is pointing to the wrong IP address. I suggest reviewing to see what IP address your domain is pointing to and edit it from within your zone file. 

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Re: pageok

How does one do this?

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Re: pageok

Hi @mpougnet. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


To clarify, the page OK error usually appears if a domain is pointed to an IP address for a hosting account where it has not been added as a primary or secondary (addon) domain. The best way to deal with this is either to make sure the domain is added to the hosting account and is pointed to the correct IP for that account. 


In regard to adding the domain, this would depend on the type of hosting account you have. I recommend visiting our Help Center, choosing the correct account type, and searching for add domain.  You should be able to find instructions on how to do this there. 


As for updating the IP address of a domain, this depends on what the domain is using for its nameservers. If the domain is using GoDaddy nameservers, you can use these steps to update an A Record. Finding the IP for the account is also dependent on the account type, so the instructions above regarding searching our Help Center would also help with that. 


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Re: pageok

i have found to work is increasing the recursion and backtrack limit. You can paste the following code in your wp-config.php file. Or in some servers you will be required to modify your PHP.INI file.



/** Trick for long posts */

also go to your phpMyAdmin and update the database tables in wp_options table. The following table names would have to be updated:

template, stylesheet, and current_theme. Change the value to twentyeleven.

If this fixes the issue, then you should look at your theme’s functions.php file. If there are extra spaces at the bottom, then you should consider fixing it.

Changing domain. 'Pageok'



I am a total novice, so please excuse me if my questions seem stupid! 


I am trying to change the domain of my Wordpress blog.  (from to I have changed it before without any problems.


I thought I had followed the right steps but I am still seeing the 'pageok' on a white background over 24 hours later.  Can you tell me if this is normal and I should just be more patient, or have I done something wrong?  


I bought the domain from 123-reg.


Thanks, Kat. 

Re: Changing domain. 'Pageok'

Did this ever get fixed for you? I just transferred my domain name to go daddy a few days ago and now I am having the page ok screen come up. But what is strange on my wifes phone site comes up my phone I get "page ok" on my laptop I get my website but i am missing elements of my site. the "about us" Section is gone. my phone searched for my site and he got  page ok message. any help would be great. I am a novice so I don't know what to check or look for. Thank you in advance

Re: Trying to browse my site and get "pageok" when on a page. Please help!

I just experienced this issue on a word press website. 



- a third party contractor added an additional line in the DNS settings that loaded the "pageok" error to essentially create an issue he would then be paid to fix

- by removing the extra DNS reecord the issue was resolved


* shout out to Keagan from GoDaddy for finding the issue! ***** rating 


Hope this helps!