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Website issue on different devices?? Error with flash when my site doesn't have flash....

Hi guys, so I am having a really strange issue with my managed WordPress site. I need help!

The issue is that on my screen the website looks normal as it should, same with multiple other screens I have tested. HOWEVER when my client views the site, they see this: image001.png


Why is this happening? I don't even know what to begin searching to solve this issue. Also to point out the website doesn't have any flash and runs on ios devices which don't support flash so why would my client be getting this error message?

The url is could I ask a massive favor of the community; Can I get as many people to visit the website and take a screenshot of the page they get when they visit the url and send to this thread. So I can compare.

Doe's anybody know why something like this would be happening. This is how it's supposed to look and does so on several devices that I checked (in case anybody is curious). 

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 08.31.52.png

Thank you in advance! 

Helper II
Helper II

HI  DeividCole ,


 Your website is fine,  it has a contact form on the landing page and I do not see

a flash issue.  Maybe its your users phone, mobile device?


 What WordPress Build did you install?,  Also check your plugins.

I some times have plugins  issues.  


 Laptop Chrome browser 

Resolver II

I just checked it from my Laptop and Smartphone 🙂

Both are working well and I see the exact screen as you described Under construction 🙂


The Flash player problem is a problem at your clients browser 🙂 it is not your website issue 🙂



Community Contributor