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WordPress listserv

I am trying to use the WP Mailing Group Manager plug-in and am stuck with trying to get it to pull mail from my GoDaddy mail account on POP with either 110 or 995 from I'm sure all of the user and account info is correct, I've put it in multiple times. I have been getting errors such as no route to host or connection refused but there are no logs in WordPress I seem to have access to and I've tried calling GoDaddy support several times but I really don't think the agents are understanding what I'm trying to accomplish as they have said things like my MX settings were incorrect or that I was using the wrong host name but would be what to use if you were pulling mail from Outlook or any other client. I've also used a plugin called Snitch to try and see if there are outgoing connections trying to reach the POP server but I'm not seeing them but I do see the cron job running. I'm kind of out of things to Google for and hope someone has either used this plug-in at GoDaddy or actually confirmed that for some architectural reason at GoDaddy or their hosting setup it won't work but the documentation suggests it works at plenty of other hosting providers.


Re: WordPress listserv

Hey @dantel,


There's no network reason on our end for this sort of plugin to be failing to work with our cPanel shared hosting plans (I assume this is what you are on as Managed WordPress hosting doesn't offer Cron support). Without access to review the domain and hosting space from here, sounds like the previous suggestions from support regarding your DNS settings on the domain might be worth looking into. Invalid DNS can cause issues with connections to an email address even with the most common of email clients.


Let us know if you manage to make any progress. If you'd like further suggestions from some of the other members here, it may help to know the domain name you're trying to connect to. 


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