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    Complaint about Godaddy VPS Email Relay Server

    At the very first time I purchase Godaddy VPS and from my research, I received the feeling that Godaddy's product is great. But wow I really regret that I choose Godaddy for my VPS solution for below reasons:

    1. I hate the idea of email relaying for a VPS. VPS should be able to have complete control by its own self so that we could manage more easily by our own.

    2. Relay server often has issue such as emails are in queue too long and fail to send or could take also a day to reach destination.

    3. If it is Godaddy's fixed policy for all VPS to use relay server and so could not be changed, it is Godaddy's responsibility to keep its relay server ip from blacklist, which often causes email failure, and Godaddy must make it smooth as much as possible. I have checked that most of Godaddy relay server ip addresses are blacklisted. You're the one who control it so you're the one that must guarantee that it runs smoothly. If you're not happy, leave it alone with VPS and stop your relay service. Then the owner of the VPS is the responsibility taker.

    4. While we try to contact the support, they just urge us to use 365Office for a more reliable email service, while actually the issue lies on their side. I just suspect that it is their marketing strategy for pushing customers to subscribe more products from them.


    Sorry I post it here but I could not find place to write a complaint about your service. I will consider moving to another one if things not improved.