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    How can i download my publishing profile for an ASP.NET application?

    I am trying to publish my .Net website, and everything I am reading is telling me there should be a "Web deploy publishing settings" option in my plesk control panel, however I do not have this option. Is there something I am missing?

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    Hi @rediehl, thanks for posting.

    See the steps in this article for information on using WebDeploy:

    If the option isn't listed in your Plesk account, you will need to contact support to have it enabled.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    @rediehl, I struggled with web deploy a couple of months ago. You should be able to find a thread I created here about it.


    Did you get Web Deploy for GoDaddy to work? I never did. It worked a couple of times for me; I think both times it worked was the first time a web site (application) was deployed for the site. After the first time for a site, I always got a certificate error. I was not sure I was using the correct userid and password but since it did work a couple of times, that probably was not a problem.


    I did try Microsoft Azure and when I used Web Deploy for there, the proper userid and password was already in the publishing profile and the Web Deploy worked with no problem. I am sure that for hosts other than Azure (such as GoDaddy) it is difficult to get it right.


    So I use FTP for GoDaddy. It is my understanding that Web Deploy makes deployment of databases much easier than when FTP is used so I want to get Web Deploy to work but I have not yet been able to.