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    Issue with Migration from Gen 3 to Gen 4 Windows



    Apologies for the impending tirade, I hope it is as coherent as I would like it to be.


    I signed up for a Gen 3 VPS (Windows 2008 R2) a few years ago and it served me well until SSL for everything became a thing. I got tired of paying extra for dedicated IP addresses and signed up for a Gen 4 server.


    Everything has changed. I have 3 IPs included in the Gen 3 package and I used two of them to setup my custom nameservers. Gen 4 comes with only 1 dedicated IP, and Godaddy's DSN management tool does not like and pointing to the same IP.


    I have spoken to support stuff over chat exhaustively, they have no answers for me. It seems I cannot even purchase additional IP addresses. 


    My Gen 3 has expired (still redeemable) and I am now stuck with godaddy's nameservers and non-working Plesk webmail integration. 


    Anybody with a link that can help me fix this or shed some life? Please help.

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    Heya Frzak, I  just picked up a Gen 4 vps coming from a Gen 3 that I plan to retire and I am running into the same situation that you described here.  I figured I would ask you how things were going before I started talking with the support staff.    Did the support let you get a second IP?  


    I hope things are going well.  

    Hey Rettahs,

    Excuse the delayed response, I meant to reply to you earlier. I battled until I gave up. I honestly do not understand why things changed in this manner. I was not assisted with a second IP unfortunately. Maybe they just need to updated their documentation, I mean — I am pretty sure that other customers have asked about this.


    I will give the support team a go on Monday and will share any finding I make.



    Howzit Rettahs,


    I have finally decided to host my DNS with Cloudflare. I have been able to replicate what I need to do on the the Gen4 VPS. Please let me know if you are still having issues and I will put together some screenshots for you.