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    Need help to get access of WHM or enable admin access

    I am looking for help to get access to my VPS WHM or atleast get connected with SSH.

    My VPS is showing me error which says "Danger This dashboard relies on agent applications running on your server for certain operations to work, called nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api. They work through connections to your server on port 2224. Please ensure your firewall is not blocking this port and that these applications are running. Unblock Ports Required for My Generation 4 Server."

    I followed the link to solve it

    This page says "Required: You need to enable admin access to follow these steps."

    On "enable admin access" page it is saying to on Settings page, in the Access section, next to Admin Access, click Manage. But my Manage button is disabled and my current status of admin access is disabled.


    Please someone help me get access to my server. I talked to naveen on support chat, he is saying to restore backup (6-June-2020) which is too old and I will loss alot of data


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