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    Renaming VPS hostname should update PTR Record too?

    Hi GoDaddy,


    Wouldn't it be good to update the PTR Record automatically when I change the hostname of my server in the server admin panel?


    At the moment, a Reverse DNS lookup says my server's hostname is instead of it's actual hostname I have set.


    Can this be implemented?


    The benefit is that emails from my server will be less "spammy" and less likely to end up in Junk Mail when the receiving mail server does an rDNS lookup and my IP matches the hostname I have set on the server.

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    Hey @RareHost,


    Appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I'll pass this feedback along as a suggestion item for our developers to look into possibly making this available in a future update.


    In the meantime, this should be something that can be updated manually within your DNS. 


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