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    Self-managed SMTP

    I am hoping someone here can help me here. I have decided to buy a self-managed VPS from Godaddy and noticed postfix simply does not work. After hours of testing I have realized can't access port 25 ( it works internally on the server, but not externally)


    Anyone here has gotten email working using the self-managed VPS???

    I can not find a relay server info to add



    Traceroute to Gmail

    [root@vps ~]# traceroute -T -p 25
    traceroute to (), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1 * * *
    2 * * *
    3 * * *
    4 * * *
    5 * * *
    6 * * *
    7 * * *
    8 * * *
    9 * * *
    10 * * *
    11 * * *
    12 * * *
    13 * * *
    14 * * *
    15 * * *
    16 * * *
    17 * * *
    18 * * *
    19 * * *
    20 * * *
    21 * * *
    22 * * *
    23 * * *
    24 * * *
    25 * * *
    26 * * *
    27 * * *
    28 * * *
    29 * * *
    30 * * *

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    Hi @Nothappy007,


    Well James Bond, you do know what 'self managed' actually means don't you? It means you are sysadmin or have been promoted to, see the nice new title badge on your desk?

    I will be your sysadmin (unpaid) for a little while, if you give me more details, domain name is a good start.


    i see a small problem straight away though and I will bet my bottom dollar that's it. You are wanting to link your mail server to your gmail account, greedy!

    Forget gmail, walk away and problems will too, set up your own mail server with IMAP. 



    Thanks for your reply. I was not trying to link it to Gmail at all. I was not able to send email from the server to my Gmail account so I decided to do a traceroute. I thought the ISP was blocking port 25, but I did not know nor was I told, that I would need to use a Godaddy relay server to send messages out.  


    I found in a forum that I needed to use as the relay server. I wish that was included in the thank you for your purchase email.


    I am sure there will be someone else going through the same issues.  Here's the info

    Edit the and add the relay server, I also had to set all emails to come from the primary IP that was assigned by Godaddy(I bought 3 additional IPs)


    vi /etc/postfix/

    relayhost =


    Okay, so far, I think there are two ways to solve the problem.

    1. use your own server to send to google directly

    2. use godaddy relay for sending


    I'm not expert on this thing, but I'll try to analize it according to my own understanding

    With 1st method:

    Pros: you don't have any limitation like daily mail count, you can do whatever you want

    Cons: Lots of email servers might consider your email server as dangerous, refuse connection, I came across the same problem, after complaining with godaddy for making sure they were not blocking my 25 port, since "telnet 25" was failing, but it was working any other machine( my local , my linode vps ), same thing were going on with yahoo, After arguing with support and wanting them to prove that they are not blocking my port, they made some test, then told me the IP was blocked by google, how come same thing with yahoo? Okay let me test with other server, I tested with zoho mail, Voila! it worked. So my guess would be that, probably google&yahoo received too much spam from godaddy vps's so they just said , if you are coming from godaddy, go and get me SSL/TLS setup , then I'll accept you. According to some other forum, someone's problem is fixed after they setup SSL, so in order to fix this problem , I might have to setup SSL for the email server properly, I'll do it a little later.
    2nd solution:

    pros: you don't have to setup that much, 
    cons: godaddy relay server have limitation as how many emails you can send per day, you can contact them to lift the limit to higher number, but didn't tried that yet, after I setup my xeams server's 'smart host' as "" with empty username/password, I am able to send emails to google now.

    I'll keep testing on the issue, and probably write more in future.

    Self managed does not mean you can put your network card whereever you wanted, it does not mean you are not under some sort of firewall, it does not mean godaddy admins cannot/will not block anything for your machine.
    If I am real sysadmin, then tell me why my swapon command shows up "Permission Denied" for "root" user!? clearly someone else has the openVZ command like to change things for me, and blocking me from doing it myself.