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    Server is down and no support

    My website is not accessible for 4 days now. Our work is completely stopped and GoDaddy is not ready to even acknowledge the issue.


    Our team is spread across different locations in India. Since Monday afternoon the website was not accessible to any one in the team all of a sudden. All of us are using different ISPs from different locations and of course different devices as well. GoDaddy is all the time saying that they are able to access the website but none of us are able to. We have tried all of the following and everything proves that server is down and still GoDaddy is not ready to accept that website is not reachable but just keeps saying it's ISP issue and not server issue. I am listing down all the steps and screenshots below.


    1. As a first step we tried opening website from Private/ Incognito and normal browsing mode

    2. We tried using different browsers

    3. We tried using different devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops of 20 people from 5 locations in India was tested and in none of it website was accessible

    4. Then we cleared the cache/ cookies and repeated all of the above steps and still error remained

    5. Then we restarted the server from GoDaddy dashboard but still error remained

    6. After that we performed IP refresh but there was no result

    7. Then we tested 'tracert' function from cmd and it was able to reach the server clearly proving that it was not ISP issue

    8. We were then asked to ping IP from cmd 

    9. After going through all the steps still issue was not admitted by GoDaddy and they asked to check the website in proxysite, geopeeker, ismyserverdown.com websites. All of the websites showed website being down and still they dismissed the error by making a statement that 'these are not godaddy websites'. 


    I have been on call with GoDaddy for more than 5-6 Hours a day for past 4 days and our complete work is halted and team is only waiting for error resolution but GoDaddy has not even acknowledged the issue yet. Each time I call them I am kept on hold for over 45 mins and after they come back they just repeat the sentence 'REGARDING THIS ISSUE PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ISP AS IT IS NOT FAULT FROM OUR END'. I ask them questions that if it is ISP issue then how is it remotely possible that so may different ISPs used across India are either blacklisting my website on the same day and if it is ISP issue then why all the websites in the world are accessible but this one. They don't answer my question but just repeat the same line again. Another thing that they do is they say they are able to open the website and they read out the home page Menu Bar. I know that for some devices distorted static home page appears but that's not the fully functional website that we had and we even placed two orders last week through our website but now even basic search results are not fetched. 


    It's been 4 days and I have no idea what I should do and I am helpless and website has all of a sudden disappeared and our firm is shut down for this whole week but GoDaddy doesn't care at all.3d4aff54-ebe3-484f-96d1-7064c6389168.jpga3c0f0a9-7d5a-4867-9fb4-80c0b1722254.jpgHttp_Incognito.JPG

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    Resolver VI

    Hello , I hope you are well. Thank you  




    Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.