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    lack "abstring" and "soap" extensions"

    Hi ,

    My name is ak from China,one user of GD's Virtual vps(half manage).When I load Magento process,it appears that lack abstring and soap extensions.How to solve?I have been contacting China customer service department to try to deal with,however,they answer me it's not managed,couldn't solve.So I seek for two Chinese web builders to help me ,unfortunatlly,it's still wrong.Now I don't know how to do,have other better ways to suggest me,I almost loose my patience.Hope early reply from GD.

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    Hi Tianyaluohen,


    On VPS servers, especially those running WHM/cPanel you will have the option to enable php extensions with some ease.  There is an apache configuration setting on your server labeled "easy apache."  From there you will be able to select the modules that you need enabled.


    There are a couple articles that may help you with this:


    Enable PHP Modules Using Easy Apache - Godaddy

    Easy Apache - cpanel.net

    Easy Apache PHP Modules - Youtube


    Keep in mind, some php modules are required for applications that are not on default installs on WHM/cPanel, you may need to refer to that module's website for install instructions.