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    Staging Area for Business Website Builder

    I'm taking over a site that is using the Business Website builder.  I'd like to refresh the site and use a staging area for testing.  Does anyone how I copy the site to a sub-domain or another type of staging area?  Can I move it to WordPress?

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    Re: Staging Area

    Hi @tfscadmin


    Thanks for posting. If you are using Website Builder you can make changes in the editor without publishing the changes. I'd recommend creating a backup before you begin making changes (just in case) and once you have made all the necessary changes and are ready for the changes to be live on the website you will just need to publish the site. Hope that helps!


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    Re: Staging Area

    I realize I can make changes without publishing.  I'm planning on re-constructing the entire site and getting feedback from the community (hence the need for a secondary site).  I spoke to support and there doesn't appear to be any method to make this happen.  


    I'm surprised that GoDaddy doesn't support some basic capabilities to clone or have a subdomain.