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    Hello from your Bra Savior!

    Hi everyone!


    My name is Sharhona and I'm one of the owners from S&S Intimates - Your Ultimate Bra and More Store!! We specialize in hard to find bra sizes, expert fitting, customizing and tailoring. 


    A little bit about myself. In my previous life, I was an auditor for a health insurance company with a focus of internal controls. You ask how an auditor start selling bras - good question, because I ask the same thing sometimes!!  As a well-endowed small framed woman, I had issues finding cute and supportive bras. I knew that I couldn't be the only woman with these issues. In 2014, we opened our store with the intent of providing women cute bra and panty sets, regardless of their size.

    I am mom to an amazing 3 yr. old boy named Alexander! He keeps me busy on a daily basis. He's my miracle baby as I struggled previously with fertility issues. Here's an interesting fact about how I found out I was pregnant. My business partner and I were driving around looking at retail spaces when my doctor's office called to tell me I was 4 weeks pregnant. My 1st response/question I asked was am I pregnant with twins because my hormone levels were so high.


    Alexander has been around since the store's inception and he comes to work with me each day. He will be the heir to my empire and everyone's boss!! Customers come into the store expecting to see him as he is my personal greeter many days. My husband and I are raising an entrepreneur; we are both business owners and can see Alexander exhibiting the traits necessary to take over our businesses as he gets older.  He goes to various networking events with me and sees me giving out business cards. One night at home, he saw our business cards (my husband and mine) and proceeded to ask "where are his business cards?" Needless to say, he has his own business cards and passes his cards out better than I pass out my own! I could go on and on with the Alexander stories but I will save those for later.


    I look forward to getting to know members of the community.

    Greetings from your #brasavior
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    Re: Hello from your Bra Savior!

    Welcome @S-S_Intimates Great to have you here and thank you for sharing your journey!  Sounds like you've got a real GoGetter with your son!





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    Re: Hello from your Bra Savior!

    Welcome @S-S_Intimates,


    Glad your in the community!  Looking forward to hearing more from you.  Lingerie has been part of my wife/business partner's inventory for about 22 years!



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    Re: Hello from your Bra Savior!

    Thank you for the welcome. I truly appreciate it.

    Greetings from your #brasavior

    Re: Hello from your Bra Savior!

    I was curious as to how do I activate the phone number I want to Port into a phone?
    Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks 👑🦉🤚🏿💯

    Re: Hello from your Bra Savior!

    You have to download the app to your phone. Then you go through the set up. Hope that helps