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    Today I just want to quit :´(

    I'm in the middle of two marketing events and you can hear crickets chirping on my website. I actually have less views now that I have been advertising. I know I've only had an online shop for a month but no one has bought a single tote bag. It totally makes me feel like I suck.
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    Re: Today I just want to quit :´(

    I remember going to one networking event where no one else came... Unfortunately it was my event and I ate sub sandwiches for a solid week after for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know the feeling of not having it going just the way you want. 


    I took a quick look at your website and you've done a great job with GoDaddy Website Builder. Probably cut the "About Us" to "About Me" and really play up the handcrafted one of a kind thing. One thing I feel that works well for handcrafted items is to craft them live. If you're at Billy's Networking do a custom design, maybe lay out your process and display some screens. Make designs that speak to a large audience rather than waiting on a Marilyn Monroe fan. 


    I'd say that "Hand Painted Disco Glitter Tote" is a better description than "Disco Glitter Tote"? I can't believe there are no "Sweet Home Alabama" designs, I did notice the elephant. More than anything don't give up! After my bad experience I stayed away from subs for awhile but eventually I started back eating them. You handcraft great work, I can tell that you have patience. Do what you do best and sales will follow. I hope that helps? 


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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    Re: Today I just want to quit :´(

    That helps a lot! Thank you so much for your reply. And today is a new day...
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    Re: Today I just want to quit :´(

    Cinderella didn't quit, she had a dream!  And they're still making a zillion movies and adaptations about her story!  Chin up! Shoes on!  As your mentor, you can text me, email me, etc. any time you need encouragement.


    In the beginning of any venture we all can become discouraged and overwhelmed easily--know that others have been through the same thing ourselves. When the clouds are gone, the sun does shine. You WILL be making your own sun shine soon!



    Talk with me. Nothing is more helpful than an optimistic, truthful, and unbiased opinion. (Kudos are welcomed. Thank you!)

    Re: Today I just want to quit :´(

    I was finishing up my "homework" so I could call you today Smiley Wink Thanks for the encouragement!

    Re: Today I just want to quit :´(

    Dear Share Journey, 

    Everything is a journey. Your giving up too soon. I will share my experience of being an online entrepreneur and store front owner. I used to own a flower shop, in which, I sold. I became fascinated with the power of online/internet world.  

         Up and for most, no one will buy a tote bag within the 1st month, being that your site may be new. It takes time to be in e-commerce. Further, you must brand your product on all social media sites. Everything links together. Talk about your product on FB. Show them off on Pinterest and Instagram. Photos are a big deal. 

          Make sure you take advantage of  "Get Found" with GoDaddy.  Your web page presentation is huge and key factor to drawing the attention of your audience.  A  coach once told me, "your first page, should always have products to buy.......immediately, a client should be able to buy something.....your customer is  there  for  a  reason and they're ready to buy..." 

         Know your customer,  where do they come from?  The beach, a teacher, an office,  super market totes,......is  there  a  demand. If your not making sales after a short period,  something  may  be  wrong.  Either,  there's broken communication, not enough work in your steps, or  your product may not be appealing.