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    Greetings from Hot and Humid Florida

    Hi Everyone,


    I'm here at GoDaddy to sell a premium TL domain I've held onto for 14 yrs.
    This is the first domain I've ever sold and likely the last. Recently widowed, with bills piling up faster than I can pay them, it's past time to sell my unused domain name. To get me though this task successfully, I'm hoping to find the support and guidance I need from the experts here on GoDaddy.


    Looking forward to a learning experience.

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    Hey @PhoenixRising,


    Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy


    I believe we've had a few discussions about methods to market and sell your domain on our Domain Forum. You're welcome to search for a couple of these discussions or start a new one of your own. I did find one such discussion that might help out in getting your started on: Best Practices For Selling A Domain?.


    Best of luck to you!


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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