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Helper IV

FileZilla: SFTP settings to upload your website

Guys, I have created a Video Walkthrough on "SFTP settings to upload your website".
Hopefully, you will enjoy SSH SFTP settings to upload your website Tutorial.

How to Generate the access keys in cPanel.

Connect to your shared hosting account with SSH

If needed, create your public and private keys as per the instructions in the SSH access for Shared Hosting. If you already have created keys for SSH access, the same keys will be used for SFTP.




If you find above video is helpful, Give me a kudos.

Thank You. 


Re: FileZilla: SFTP settings to upload your website


I have been trying to solve my problem for days; if someone on this forum can help me would be amazing really I am really stuck.

Impossible to connect FileZilla with my website, besides I keep getting a message from Godaddy to update my word press, and when I try, impossible, I am just running in circle.


+ I keep receiving emails from my writing agency telling me " Your domain needs to be manually reviewed" which I am desperately trying to do for eventually start designing my bog and writing.


I attached to this message some screenshots to illustrate:

1 - What is happening when I am trying to connect to FileZilla with the infos found in the SSH setup

2- Pop-up from Godaddy asking me to update 


Thanks a lot in advance to the person who will take time to help me!

RomaneScreen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.53.57.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.54.12.png


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Rockstar I

Re: FileZilla: SFTP settings to upload your website

Hi @RomaneGJN,


Sometimes FileZilla is a bit picky on any hosting company's servers!  I've used CoffeeCup Free FTP and it has worked great for me.    Here is the link:


While I realize that adding another piece of software may not be your desired solution.....if it works it may be less time consuming than trying to troubleshoot a specific program.


Also, try changing your ftp password.  I recently read in a post in the community that Filezilla wouldn't connect because the password did not meet Filezilla requirements.  Don't know about this one, but it makes some degree of sense...


Hope this helps,


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