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HELP! Need to figure out how to block an IP filing out order forms

My website has an order and quote form that potential clients/clients utlize. Last night someone set up a virus (?) to go and continuously fill out the forms and submit them. Since 9 pm last night I have received 6000+ bogus emails. Is there a way to block only that IP from submitting and clogging up my system?


thank you!

Advocate VII

Hi @cmr15,


What platform is your website on (cPanel, Managed WP, etc).  Does your form have any sort of captcha control?  If one IP address can do this, so can others.  If this is an persistent attack, after you block this one IP address, it will happen again under a different IP.


Also, SiteLock prevents malware, virus, and other nuisance software from being inserted into your site.  I use it with all my sites now.


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
Helper V

To block the IP it depends on the type of hosting account. for Linux with cPanel account usethe following article to Block IP addresses 

The other option is to block the IP using .htaccess file

Add the following to .htaccess replacing x.x.x.x with the IP to block. you can add more IP's by adding more "Deny from x.x.x.x" on their own line 


Order Deny,Allow
Deny from x.x.x.x