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What is changing my stored files?

I distribute firmware to my customers via password protected folders on my shared Linux host.  The package is always a ZIP file containing a firmware image, a batch file, an EXE and a DLL.  On 06Nov2019, all my stored ZIP files were changed.  The EXE and DLL files are now missing.  So when my customer downloads the ZIP and clicks the BAT file, nothing happens.  When I upload a new package via the cpanel Upload page or FTP, the EXE and DLL are likewise scrubbed out.  This caused a problem for me on 10Nov, and again today.  on 10Nov, I spent over an hour with tech support.  The answer was that this could not possibly be happening.  Or maybe EXE files are not "allowed" on shared cpanel hosting.  But I've been using the site this way for over a year, so if the policy changed somebody should know about it.  Nobody did.


Is anyone else experiencing this?  Can anyone explain what the blue heck is going on?