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What's the Next upgrade to Enterprise Business Hosting?

My current plan is Premium Business Hosting (3 Year). If i updraded my plan to Enterprise Business Hosting. Then what's the single click upgrade after this, VPS or Dedicated?

Former Employee


After Enterprise Business Hosting you can go the VPS route but it is not a single click upgrade. The VPS route you would only be suitable for the Ultimate Tier for Linux but that only doubles your Ram to 8gb and allows root access for the server. Business Hosting does not allow root access because its still a shared hosting environment on steroids. Also with a VPS or Dedicated server you have to have someone that knows how to manage the server or we have a fully managed option for both a VPS and Dedicated server. The economy of dedicated allows 1TB of storage and it would double your cpu usage while still having the same level of ram that you have right now. Hopefully this helps! If you need more assistance feel free to call into support to discuss options!