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http to https redirect multiple domains/folders shared hosting major problem

I'm trying to redirect http to https. The code provide on goaddy's site works fine to redirect the domain name to https. 


The problem is that when I type into a browser or click one of my website links online, it's adding in the folder name after the domain name and it's not working.


For example, I type in and it works fine to go to https.


When I type in a browser for example the link goes to


The folder name that is being include is the folder name where the files for this website are on godaddy. For some reasons the redirect is adding the folder name when going to any page beyond the domain name.


If someone could lay out the correct redirect .htaccess code, and where this should be saved (main hosting account area or the individual domain hosted files area) I will be forever in your debt.


Again, something is happening on the redirect where it's including the file name at godaddy.