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images not showing

editing my home.html using HTML editor, tried to upload image and it's not showing? it uploaded to root /home folder and image is there on my file manager, but not showing up on site? not managed to upload a single image successfully and making the most basic changes to my home page with great difficultly, getting really frustrated with the platform. nothing wrong with HTML or image link, it's just like the image isn't uploading properly.



 HTML source - URL is fine



HTML editor - image not displaying (here or on preview or on live site)


file manager.jpg

image is on file manager in the right place, why isn't it displaying?!  


this is so basic and it's really disheartening that I can't get it to work - 5 minutes away from forgetting about cPanel and using wordpress instead.

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Re: images not showing



Can you provide the URL for a page where images are not displaying?   The first thing we will want to do is look at your code to see what's up! Smiley Wink



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Re: images not showing

having the same problem.  all images show 'forbidden 403'

all image permissions are 644; images dir is 755

non-image file in the same directory will display fine...