Go Daddy Online Store Advance Tracking Inventory Options

So I have an Item that comes in 7 sizes 4 main colors and 5 secondary colors, if my math is correct that's 140 combinations. I want my customers to be able to pick their size, the primary color and then secondary color. The issue is that these items are hand made and all the colors are not always available due to importation issues. So say I have 40 combinations currently available, my customers will have to go through each combination until they find one that is available (not likely).


The simple solution would be for the developers to make a simple code that would go through my inventory, when the customer picks his/her size it would automatically filter out the colors not available and would only let them choose what is available.


Any thoughts on how to let my customers know which items are available so that they don't have to stumble through all the combination before they find one that they would like?