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I no longer have a GoDaddy Studio PRO subscription

What happened to my GoDaddy Studio PRO subscription?

If you migrated from Over to GoDaddy Studio, your subscription might not automatically renew when it ends. This is because we’ve made some changes to our subscription management, and certain Over Web Product plans have been discontinued.

Can I subscribe to GoDaddy Studio PRO again?

Yes! If you originally subscribed to Over in the web app, your subscription ends on your next renewal date. When you try to use any of the PRO features of GoDaddy Studio after that date, you’ll be asked if you’d like to subscribe to a GoDaddy Websites +Marketing Basic plan, which includes GoDaddy Studio PRO. Follow the prompts, or see the steps for subscribing to GoDaddy Studio PRO.
You'll be prompted to subscribe to a Websites + Marketing Basic plan, which comes with GoDaddy Studio

You can also choose a Premium, Commerce or Commerce Plus Plan, all which come with GoDaddy Studio PRO.

If you prefer not to subscribe to a Websites + Marketing Basic plan, you can keep using the free version of GoDaddy Studio, which offers the same powerful content creation tool, but with a limited set of content and features.

What about my projects?

Designs you already created with GoDaddy Studio PRO are not affected. You’ll still receive the same great experience across our web, iOS and Android apps, but you won’t be able to use the PRO features and tools to edit those designs or create new ones.

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