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Shared Hosting

Cost-effective hosting that delivers secure, reliable performance.

Web Hosting

Our most economical hosting — works with basic websites. Select plans include free domain and email.

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Web Hosting Plus

Shared hosting with VPS-like power, easy-to-use control panel, additional CPUs, and guaranteed RAM. Great for growing sites, ecommerce, CMS and high traffic.

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WordPress Hosting

Ideal for WordPress sites and stores.

Managed WordPress Websites

A fully-managed WordPress site with built-in security, daily backups and automatically updated WordPress software and plugins.

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Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting

A fully-managed WordPress Ecommerce platform with WooCommerce extensions, including integrated payment processing, marketing, shipping, and inventory management.

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Advanced Hosting

Powerful and reliable VPS and Dedicated servers for advanced hosting needs.

VPS Hosting

For managing multiple projects. Get full root access and automated daily backups, on-demand snapshots. Unlimited traffic with 99% uptime.

Try Fully Managed VPS Hosting by allowing us to manage your server
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Dedicated Server Hosting

Highly customizable for resource-intensive web applications. Easy-to-use control panel options, SSD or HDD drives on bare metal servers.

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Which hosting solution is best for your needs?

Spend less.

Web (or Shared) Hosting is the most budget-friendly type of hosting. Since you're sharing resources — like neighbors in an apartment building — you spend less but have fewer options and less control.

More power.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Web Hosting Plus dedicate specific portions of a web server’s capacity and processing to each customer. Like a condo, your space (on the server) is yours.

Maximum power.

Dedicated Server Hosting — the mansion of hosting analogies — offers unlimited resources at a premium price. You can choose between full root access or managed plans. It’s all up to you.

Why choose GoDaddy?

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Award-winning support

Seven-time winners of the "Exceptional Customer Service" Stevie® Award and taking your calls 24/7/365.

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The vision for our mission

We’ve helped 21+ million people make their own way online. You can trust us to do the same for you.

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All in one place

Launch, manage and grow your online presence – from your .com to your SSL – from one single, convenient place. 

What is hosting?

Websites are stored – or “hosted” – on a publicly-accessible computer (a server). Some websites require an entire server to themselves. Others can share a server with 100s of other websites. The storage space, and the features that come with it, make up your hosting plan.