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What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered digital companion designed to be your partner in navigating the complexities of online work. GoDaddy customers can chat with Copilot on Microsoft's website.

Note: Microsoft Copilot is only available for Business Professional and higher email plans. You can chat with Copilot, but it's not embedded in your Office apps (this feature is currently only available for customers directly with Microsoft). Find out more about Copilot chat from Microsoft.
The home page of Microsoft Copilot.

Access information across platforms

Copilot can fetch information from files that are stored in your Office apps online, like in OneDrive and SharePoint. It can also retrieve details from meetings, chats, email and even external web sources and enterprise databases.

Brainstorm and draft content

With Copilot, say goodbye to writer's block. Provide your instructions or reference files, and Copilot will assist in brainstorming and drafting content quickly. Whether it's a blog post, email or website content, Copilot helps bring your ideas to life efficiently.

Example: Ask Copilot, “Using information in file3, write a fun, catchy email inviting our customers to see us at our booth during next month’s conference.”

Copilot's reponse to the example prompt to write an email.

Summarize projects, meetings and communications

Need a quick recap of your latest project, meeting or email chain? Copilot can compile concise summaries, giving you an overview without having to sift through documents or messages.

Example: Ask Copilot, “Tell my team how we updated the product strategy,” and it’ll generate a status update based on the morning’s meetings and email.

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