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Low-cost domain names offer an easy way to get online without breaking the bank in the process. Whether you’re starting a website for your business or just buying your kid’s domain name, the right domain lays the foundation for a great website and an engaging online presence. With GoDaddy, you can register domains for as low as C$1.35. You can even snag a free domain name with one of our website hosting plans. It doesn’t get any cheaper – or any better – than that. In other words, the price is right. And if you’re smart about SEO, social media, email marketing, and the rest of your online presence, the traffic and name recognition of your website can be, too.

Cheap domains, valuable opportunities.

Buying a cheap domain name does not limit your ability to be successful online. In fact, the hundreds of new domain extensions now available provides you with more opportunities to create a strong online presence. Choosing the right cheap domain can be a way to communicate your website’s purpose and your creativity, innovation, and even customer service to online visitors. A book club, for example, could use a .club domain name to bring members together online. Online stores might want to look into .shop, while IT firms should consider .tech domains. In short, there are NUMEROUS possibilities, and the smart selection of a cheap domain name can lead to creative marketing opportunities and strong user engagement.

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Now you know that a good domain does not have to cost a fortune. Both great website traffic and name recognition are possible when you purchase a cheap domain name and build a quality website. And GoDaddy is here to help you do just that. We offer the largest selection of domain names on the web, so you can pick a domain that is memorable and specific to you. We make domain setup quick and easy and provide you with the option to add services like Full Domain Privacy & Protection. Want to purchase more than one cheap domain? Then consider our bulk registration to quickly register numerous domain variations at once.

Why choose GoDaddy?

Icn Cheap Domains Award Winning

Award-winning service.

When you need help, you can expect the best from us. For five years in a row, GoDaddy has won a Stevie Award for Customer Service. The international awards competition is based on Customer Net Promoter Scores (NPS), which consistently rank our customer care among the best on earth. In addition to phone support, we also offer an exhaustive collection of help articles on every conceivable topic.
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Browse, shop and get help in your language.

Tired of asking for help from people you can’t understand? We offer website, currency and award-winning customer support in dozens of languages, ranging from Spanish to German, Cantonese to Hindi. Wherever you are, chances are good there’ll be a native speaker on the other end of the line.
Icn Cheap Domains Easy To Use

Easy-to-use interface.

Whether you use cheap domain names for websites, email or as a custom address for your Facebook or Twitter, the set up is fast and easy. Need to transfer a domain to GoDaddy? Three steps is all it takes. We also provide optional services like Domain Privacy & Protection and Web Security.
Icn Cheap Domains Tools For Investors

Tools for domain investors.

GoDaddy makes cheap domain name registration easy with bulk registration and the largest domain auction marketplace in the world. And with our GoDaddy Investor mobile app, you can take part in domain auctions in real time no matter where you are.
Icn Cheap Domains One Stop Sop

One-stop shop for all your business needs.

In addition to affordable domain names, GoDaddy offers do-it-yourself website builders, hosting, eCommerce solutions for small business, web security, marketing services, world-class productivity tools – everything you need to successfully start and grow your own venture.

Icn Cheap Domains Latest Domains Lowest Prices

The latest domains at the lowest prices.

Over the past few years, hundreds of new domains have become available. These new domains range from .club to .photos, .cafe and .pub and open up your naming opportunities. As always, you can find the biggest selection right here.

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The best place to get your domain. Knowledgeable Representatives that help you directly and to the point. You save both time and money with GoDaddy


Go Daddy is the only way to go.

Go Daddy has been great to get my domain name set up. Easy process and great customer support. Great deals. 3 year and was able to use coupons.


We chose GoDaddy

We chose GoDaddy because it’s a company we have been familiar with for years. Searching for a domain was super easy and checkout was just abs simple.

Dustin Theriot

I have bought 5 domain names through…

I have bought 5 domain names through GoDaddy, started out getting my name .com then got all my kids names and my business, seem easy to deal with and I have never had a problem. If you have no idea what your doing I can recommend them, they make it easy.

Andy Cantrell

Go Daddy is quick and efficient

Go Daddy is quick and efficient. It's easy to point your domain name where you want it to go. The renewal - if you sign up for it - is automatic and seamless. All in all, Go Daddy is so easy!


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I have always used GoDaddy for domain names. They are the best source. When I have needed to call their support team they have always been extremely helpful!

J. Sheinin

I Will Only Use GoDaddy for my Domains

GoDaddy is the best domain company I have used. Checking availability, purchasing, identity protection, transferring, all of it is super simple and there are step-by-step instructions for all of it.

Eliott Cox

The best place to buy domains

The best place to buy domains! Top class service! I highly recommend it!

Alexandru Piscu

Creating a domain is super easy with…

Creating a domain is super easy with GoDaddy. And, options are given if your dream domain is taken. Great service.

Rochelle Brooks

GoDaddy is the best

GoDaddy is the best. I always trust them to buy a domain.

Isaac Gounton

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If I purchase a domain for a low price, will the renewal rate be the same?

Probably not. Many cheap domains are available at a great price due to a sale or special offer on first-year registration. There are other great ways to buy cheap domain names from GoDaddy while keeping the price low (and affordable!) in the future.  

Here are some options to consider at renewal time:    

  • Take advantage of multi-year registration. It will save you money compared to renewing your domain on a year-by-year basis.  
  • Do you buy a lot of domain names? Consider using our bulk domain registration or joining our Discount Domain Club to get some of the lowest domain prices and renewal rates.  

Does GoDaddy still sell C$1.35 domain names?

GoDaddy has sales throughout the year that let you grab a domain for just C$1.35 (plus tax). You can visit our promos page to keep an eye on our latest offers.

Does GoDaddy always have the cheapest domain price?

You can always count on GoDaddy to offer competitive pricing on domain names and all of our other services. We set the standard when it came to establishing rock-bottom prices for domain names and making it affordable for more people to get online. We STILL lead the industry when it comes to helping people build an online presence, and we will always strive to provide our customers with the best possible prices.  

You will find that many other domain name registrars also offer competitive prices. When choosing the right registrar for your needs, you might also want to consider what other website services you might need, the company’s reputation, and the quality of their customer service. 

Why are some domains cheap but others cost more?

There are two main factors that determine the cost of a new domain name: 1) the registry fee and 2) demand. 

Registry Fee 
GoDaddy and other domain registrars pay a fee to the registry that actually owns the domain extensions they sell. This fee is non-negotiable, and it influences the final retail cost of a domain. The registry fee is part of the reason that a .luxury domain name costs so much more than a new .com domain.  

Demand for specific domain extensions can also lead to a rise in prices. You can expect that highly-popular gTLDs (such as .vip and .win) will cost more than new domain extensions that are not experiencing high demand.  

Even if the domain you want cost more than some of the cheaper domain names, you can still count on GoDaddy to offer you competitive pricing. Our customer service team members can even help you come up with alternatives to an expensive or unavailable domain name, so you can end up with a domain you are pleased with at a price that is reasonable.

Do I get a better price if I buy domains in bulk?

Yes. Our bulk domain registration helps you buy cheap domain names at an even lower price. Keep in mind that your available discounts when purchasing multiple domains will vary depending on the domains and extensions you are trying to purchase.  

If you buy multiple domain names on a regular basis, then we also encourage you to check out our Discount Domain Club. DDC gives you some of the lowest domain prices available – without waiting for a sale or offer to be sent your way. Club members can save up to 60% everyday on domain registration prices, and they get free access to our CashParking (Premium plan), free membership to GoDaddy Auctions, and reduced pricing on our Domain Broker Service. The benefits add up quickly and make our already cheap domains even more economical.

Are there any hidden fees I need to worry about?

No. At GoDaddy, we are upfront about pricing. If we advertise cheap domain registration for C$1.35 or C$13.59 for the first year, then that’s the price you can expect to pay. While many customers choose to purchase additional products to grow their online presence, you are not required to buy other products to complete registration for a cheap domain name. If you are taking advantage of a special domain offer or first-year registration pricing, you will be notified about the limitations of the offer and future pricing changes at the time of purchase.