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Add a payment method in the App Center

All GoDaddy smart terminal app subscriptions use your GoDaddy Payments payout balance as the default payment method, meaning that your monthly subscription fees are deducted from your GoDaddy Payments balance when they’re due.

You can also add credit card info if you’d prefer to pay for your app subscriptions that way. All payment methods are managed in the App Center on your smart terminal. Payment methods cannot be updated through the App Center on your web browser.

Note: Payment methods in the App Center are separate from payment methods in your GoDaddy account, so updating them in one place won’t affect the other. To use the same payment method to pay for GoDaddy products AND smart terminal app subscriptions, add the payment info in both places.
  1. From the smart terminal home screen, tap on Apps.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Account.
  3. Tap Add New and enter your credit card information. Tap Add Credit Card to confirm.
  4. Once a credit card is added, you can set it as your default payment method or delete it if you no longer want to use it in the App Center.
    • To set a default payment method, tap Make Default next to the credit card.
    • To delete a credit card from the App Center, tap Red trashcan Delete next to the credit card, and then tap Delete.

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