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Add clients to my GoDaddy Pro member account

Here's how to add clients to your GoDaddy Pro member account, and then request access to their accounts to easily manage their products. There are two access levels:

  • Clients can allow you to manage and purchase products for their accounts. The client needs to provide GoDaddy with payment information.
  • Clients can allow you to manage products for their accounts. You can suggest products to the client, and manage them after the client makes the purchase.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Select GoDaddy Pro.
  3. Select Clients in the left sidebar.
  4. If you haven't added any clients yet, you'll see the Add a Client screen. If you've already added a client, select Add another client.
  5. In the Add a Client form, enter the client's First name, Last name, and Company. When you're done, select Save.
  6. Select Request access.
  7. Below Access level, select an option. Then select Next:
    • Select Manage Products if all you need is to suggest products for the client. It's up to the client to purchase them.
    • Select Manage Products & Purchase if you'd like to be able to purchase products using the client's payment information. You won't need to view or modify your client's payment information.
  8. Enter the client's Email address. We've added a basic Message that explains your request - you can edit the message if you like.
  9. Select Send email.

We'll email the client your request for account access. When the client accepts your request, we'll email you a final confirmation.

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