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Common questions about WooCommerce Bookings

Here are some common questions that can occur when using WooCommerce Bookings to sell scheduled appointments or reservations.

Required: WooCommerce Bookings is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.

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Is it possible to place one combined order for booking products that do and don't require confirmation?

Regular products are able to accept payment upon checkout. However, bookings that require admin confirmation are not able to do so. Due to the difference in checkout process, these type of products need to be ordered separately.

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Is it possible to manually create a booking when using the Product Add-ons integration?

Yes, bookings can be manually created (on behalf of a customer) even when using the Product Add-ons integration. For detailed steps on how to manually create a booking with Product Add-ons see this guide.

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What happens to a booking if a customer doesn't complete their payment?

An unpaid booking will be held until the Hold stock time limit is reached. This setting can be configured in your WordPress admin under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory. Once that time limit is reached, if the booking is still unpaid, it will be cancelled and the time slot will become available for another customer.

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