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Commonly requested WP Premium Support tasks

WP Premium Support can handle numerous WordPress issues and maintenance needs. However, at times it is not always obvious which service in the catalog is best suited to address your concern. Here you will find some common issues and frequent requests, and the services best suited to help.

Note: Each service in the catalog costs only one credit from your subscription. However, the nature of a request or issue could require combining multiple services, and therefore require multiple credits.

Minor content or layout updates

When you need to make minor changes like replacing or realigning text, images, icons, etc you will typically need to make changes to your theme.

  • Fix text formatting/alignment
  • Update text (phone number, address, company name, etc)
  • Add plugin shortcode or google analytics tracking ID to a page
Customize a theme in WordPress

Slow Site

We have a variety of services that can help speed up a slow site. If you know what is causing the slowness, then check out the list of issues and services below to see if we can help. If you are not sure why your WordPress site is slow, then you will want to request a Performance report for WordPress first. After we know why the site is slow, we can possibly recommend additional services to speed it up.

  • Reduce size of images
Optimize images in WordPress
  • Reduce number of external scripts
Install or activate a plugin in WordPress
  • Check PHP 7 compatibility
Install or activate a plugin in WordPress
  • High hosting resource usage (memory, CPU, files/inodes, etc)
Troubleshoot and fix WordPress plugin errors

Reconnect a WordPress site that was moved or broken

There are a number of reasons your WordPress site may need to be moved or set up again. Perhaps you attempted a manual migration and were not successful. Maybe your developer is no longer managing your WordPress site and gave you a .zip file containing a backup of your site. In situations like these, WP Premium Support can usually get your site up and running again.

The WP Premium Support service is not intended to migrate a live WordPress site from one host to another. As long as the files and database backup can be provided directly to the WP Premium Support team, then we can usually reconnect a site. Some options are uploading to the hosting account itself, or to an online file sharing site and you provide a link. Below are the services that when combined can reconnect a WordPress site.

  • Install WordPress
Install WordPress
  • Move a WordPress site or the files
Move or Copy WordPress files to another folder
  • Unzip a site backed-up in a .zip file
Unzip a file in your hosting account
  • Import a database backup
Import or export WordPress database
  • Reconnect the WordPress files with the database
Fix WordPress database connection strings

SSL Issues

  • A site does not load with HTTPS
Set up WordPress redirects
  • SSL issue due to one or more links that are not secure
Database find and replace

General WordPress errors

WordPress errors will often reference a plugin, theme, or core file within the error message itself. In these cases it is best to select the appropriate "troubleshoot and fix" service from the catalog.

You may encounter an issue where the cause is not immediately clear. When that occurs, select the service listed below, or select the service you think is the closest. It's more important the WP Premium Support team knows what is wrong, or what you need, than getting the service perfect.

  • An issue occurring after a recent plugin or theme update
  • Broken links
  • 'Cannot modify header information' error
  • Broken or incorrect redirects
  • Fatal Errors
  • Issues within WP admin
Troubleshoot and fix WordPress core file errors

Image and media issues

  • Images appear in the gallery but not the live site
  • Images not displaying after a migration
  • Broken image slider or lightbox
Troubleshoot and fix WordPress image issues
  • Errors when uploading images or media
Troubleshoot and fix a media upload error in WordPress

WordPress users

  • Removed unwanted WordPress users
  • Replace a missing wp_users database table
Unable to sign in to WordPress

PHP Settings

  • Change upload limit for a WordPress site (PHP setting)
  • Change memory limits to reduce timeouts (PHP setting)
WordPress config file changes

Plugin and widget issues

  • SSL is causing plugin errors or issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix widget issues
  • High hosting resource usage (memory, CPU, files/inodes, etc)
Troubleshoot and fix WordPress plugin errors

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