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Domain Broker Service: a seller's roadmap

People may be interested in purchasing a domain you've already registered, and GoDaddy offers Domain Broker Service as a safe and secure option to negotiate a potential domain sale. If someone is interested in purchasing a domain you've registered, our dedicated broker agents will help you navigate the process. From the initial notification that someone is interested, to negotiations, sale and transfer of your domains, your personal broker agent will be there to guide you.

How do I know if someone wants to buy my domain?

When someone decides they like to purchase a domain you have registered, we'll assign a dedicated broker agent to the case. The agent will attempt to contact you directly using publicly available information, usually via the WHOIS directory. You can view the status of the domains you're trying to buy and sell in your Domain Broker Service dashboard.

Why should I use Domain Broker Service to sell a domain?

Coordinating and negotiating the sale of a domain can be a tedious and time consuming process. Domain Broker Service lets you sit back and relax while your broker agent does all the heavy lifting.

  • Get paid quickly and securely. Our process ensures you'll get your money faster and more securely, rather than working with a buyer directly.
  • We protect your privacy. You'll stay anonymous throughout the process. The domain buyer will never know your identity.
  • We network for you. Transferring domains with someone you've never met can be intimidating. With GoDaddy you can trust us as the largest domain registrar in the world.
  • Our name gets attention. Domain buyers are more likely to engage with a domain owner through GoDaddy, rather than approach a seller directly.

What happens if I decide to sell my domain?

Once you decide to sell your domain name, your dedicated broker agent will work with you and the buyer to negotiate a fair price. After reaching an agreed upon price, the buyer will pay for the domain name.

If we reach a deal, how do I get paid and what fees am I responsible for?

If you haven't set up a payee account yet, you'll need to do so. The funds will be transferred to your payee account once the purchase is complete. There are minor disbursement charges tied to the payment method you opt for. All auction-related charges for the domain purchase are covered by the buyer.

How do I transfer the domain to the new owner?

The steps required to transfer the domain to the new owner depends on where your domain is currently registered.

If your domain is registered...

  • Through GoDaddy: We'll assist with moving the domain to the new owner's account. You'll also need to set up a payee account.
  • Through a different registrar: We'll need you to do a few things before we can process your transfer.

More info

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