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Download archived email

Run a search to send, download, or export archived emails. This service allows you to easily preserve and protect your organization's communications. Each export can contain up to 30,000 items and you can have up to 5 exports running at the same time. To run a saved search, you first need to have an archived email search saved.

  1. Sign in to Email Archiving.
    Note: The passwords for Email Archiving and your Microsoft 365 email account are different. Please make sure you're using the right credentials to sign in to your account.
  2. Select Searches.
  3. To the right of your previously saved search, select Run.
  4. Select the retrieved emails, you'd like to send, download, or export:
    • send icon Send: To send a copy of the email including any attachments, select Send. Then enter an email address and an optional message and select Send.
    • download icon Download: To download the email directly to your computer, select Download.
    • export icon Export: To export the email, select the export icon and then select Next. Choose your file type (.EML, .PST, or .PDF) and select Next. Check the box if you'd like to be notified when the export is complete, and then select Request Export.
Note: Any BCC header details are excluded from reports to protect privileged information. Contact our GoDaddy Guides to request an export with BCC header information. You'll be asked for the account name and the URL of your saved search.

More info

  • To export archives larger than 30,000 items or run searches with BCC header information, our GoDaddy Guides are here to help.

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