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Dream bigger by outsourcing freelance talent

Today's interconnected digital economy helps independent professionals seek meaningful collaborations with businesses they love. This is why the new partnership between GoDaddy and Upwork signals a new era of business talent availability and individual opportunity.

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A new horizon for freelancers

Let's say you're a freelancer with web design and development expertise. You've honed your skills and built an impressive portfolio. You're ready to take on the world. But where can you find clients who appreciate your expertise and value your contributions?

Enter Upwork's partnership with GoDaddy.

This collaboration bridges the gap between high-skilled freelancers and clients needing their services. GoDaddy, known for its robust web hosting and digital services, is joining forces with Upwork, the leading platform for freelance talent, to create a marketplace for GoDaddy customers to connect with GoDaddy experts.

This means that as a freelancer, you can showcase your skills to a vast array of GoDaddy's users and get recommended in Upwork's GoDaddy Expert Section. And, as a customer seeking a freelancer, you'll find a diverse group of talented professionals to help you grow your business.

Small businesses benefit most from distributed collaboration

Now, let's look at this from the perspective of a small business owner. You've got the vision and the business plan for a product or service you want to share with the world. But bringing it to life online can feel overwhelming. Developing a website, optimizing your online presence, and building your digital storefront can require skillsets far from your passions.

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Now, you can use Upwork's new GoDaddy Expert Section - a marketplace of certified expert freelancers proficient in web development, design and marketing, as well as many other relevant and useful skills. These pros are specifically familiar with GoDaddy's suite of products and services.

We believe the future of collaboration will be distributed across the globe. And we intend to help you make your online venture just as vibrant and unique as you, its creator. Find the talent that makes all aspects of your venture shine while you focus on what you do best - running your business.

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This partnership leans in on the value of finding worthwhile side hustles.

For businesses, you'll now have one place to find the right talent to bring your venture's online presence to life. For freelancers, it's an opportunity to become GoDaddy experts and connect with a broader client base.

In this evolving digital landscape, Upwork's partnership with GoDaddy is not just a win-win; it's a leap toward the future. A future where freelancers and businesses come together, empowered by technology, to create, innovate, and succeed.

If you're seeking the perfect talent for your next project or looking to expand your freelance career, Upwork's GoDaddy Expert Section marketplace is your gateway to the distributed talent workforce of the future.

Let's build dreams together.

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