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Get paid as a GoDaddy Payments Pro

After you've joined the GoDaddy Payments for Pros program and onboarded merchants, you'll want to ensure you're correctly set up to get paid for any sales your merchants process.

Note: GoDaddy Payments for Pros is currently only available to small number of Hub users while the feature is finalized. However, it will eventually be available to all Hub users.

When you sign up to be a GoDaddy Payments Pro, a payee account is automatically created for you. However, you'll still want confirm the information is correct and add your bank account details. You can review and update your payee information from with your GoDaddy account profile.

Once the payee information is confirmed, you'll automatically get paid for the sales processed by the merchants you've added to GoDaddy Payments. You can view your payouts from within the GoDaddy Payments for Pros dashboard.

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