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How do customers opt-in to track and receive cart reminders?

When a customer visits your store's checkout page, there's an opt-in message under the email address field that notifies the customer that their email and cart will be saved. Customers are opted-in to abandoned cart tracking by default and can opt-out by unchecking the message.

Required: Abandoned cart tracking and cart recovery emails are built-in features included with Managed WordPress Ecommerce and Managed WooCommerce Stores.

How are email addresses collected?

There are a couple of different scenarios that would affect how emails are collected.

Guest customers

When a guest customer enters an email address in the email checkout field, the email will be captured. If a guest customer returns and creates a new cart using the same email address as before, then the new cart will be associated with the customer instead of the old cart.

Logged-in customers

When a customer is logged into your shop and enters an email in the email checkout field that is different from their account’s email, then their account’s email will be used instead.

How can I change the opt-in message?

You can change the opt-in message that’s displayed on your checkout page:

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. Install the free Say What plugin to your WordPress site.
  3. From your WordPress admin, go to Tools and select Text changes.
  4. Select the Add New button.
  5. Change the opt-in message by filling in these fields:
    • Original string: Your email and cart will be saved so we can send you an email reminder about this order.
    • Text domain: mwc-core
    • Text context: Blank; don't put anything here
    • Replacement string: Anything you want! HTML links work as well.
  6. Select Add. The opt-in message will now be updated.

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