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Manage your existing customers

Step 4 of the moving a store to Websites + Marketing series

You’ve designed your website. Your online store is set up and ready. Now you need to let your customers know where to find you! And, just as importantly, YOU need to be able to find THEM. You’ve worked hard to develop your customer base, so you’ll definitely want to import your valuable customer contact info over to your new store.

This is also a great opportunity to reach out to your customers with an email campaign. Say hello, show off your new site and share your excitement! You can even add a coupon or two as incentive to come and look around.

Note: Legacy order info won’t carry over into your new store. Make sure to keep a backup version of your order history if you’ll need access to it later.

Actions to take:

  • Add your customers’ contact info. Don’t lose track of your customers! Import your customer list to keep all your customers accounted for.

  • Email your customers. Create an email campaign to share your good news and make sure your customers know where to find you.
  • Create a subscription form. This is a great time to set up a subscription form so your new customers can sign up easily to receive updates or promotional items in the future.

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