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Process a local delivery order on a GoDaddy smart terminal

When a customer places a local delivery order, use the GoDaddy smart terminal to process the order, process payment and complete the order when it’s been delivered.

An alert will appear on the smart terminal whenever a customer places a new pickup order. (To adjust this alert, open the Orders app, then tap Icon with three horizontal lines Orders, and then Wheel-shaped icon Settings. Switch the toggle to turn online order notification or sound on/off.)

Note: You’ll need to set up the Local Delivery shipping method in your Websites + Marketing online store if you’d like to offer this option to customers. Orders delivered through standard shipping methods (like UPS) are fulfilled through your online store’s dashboard.

  1. From the smart terminal home menu, tap Orders.
  2. Tap the Status dropdown and check the box next to Open. Tap Apply.
  3. Tap the Types dropdown and check the box next to Delivery. Tap Apply.
  4. A list of all open local delivery orders will appear. Tap an order to open the order details.
  5. Prepare the order and deliver it to your customer.
  6. If the order is Unpaid, process the customer’s payment. (If the order is Paid, skip this step.)
    1. Tap Charge.
    2. Tap the payment method field in the upper-right corner and select the customer’s payment method (Credit, Cash, Manual Entry, etc.).
    3. Follow the onscreen prompts to process the customer’s payment.
    4. Tap Done.
  7. Tap Mark Delivered to complete the order.

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