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Sequential Order Numbers in Managed WordPress Ecommerce

With your Managed WordPress Ecommerce plan, you get access to a fantastic feature: sequential order numbers. Rather than the default random order numbers set by WooCommerce, your order numbers increment sequentially.

Additionally, you can:

How do I change existing order numbers?

You can't apply new order number settings retroactively. If this is a feature that would interest you, please contact support so that this feedback can be tracked internally.

I tried setting the order number but it's not being used. What's the problem?

If your store has existing orders, you'll need to use a starting number that is greater than the largest existing order number. This ensures that your already-existing order numbers won't be changed.

What's the difference between order numbers and order IDs?

Order IDs are assigned to orders randomly by WooCommerce itself and used to retrieve the correct order from the database. Order numbers are then generated and related to the order IDs, allowing you to have more control over what you use to refer to your order. While most plugins use order numbers, some still use order IDs. If you're finding this is a problem in one of your site plugins, you can reach out to that plugin author to request that they change to use order numbers instead.

I've used the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin before. What's the difference?

As of August 2021, there are no differences in functionality between the Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin from SkyVerge and the native feature in Managed WordPress Ecommerce. Over time, additional functionalities will be added to Managed WordPress Ecommerce so you’ll get more benefits included in your plan, no plugin needed.

Why is one of my plugins not using my order numbers?

Third-party plugins are generally compatible with the order numbers set by Managed WordPress Ecommerce. If one of your plugins isn't working as expected, please get in touch with the author of that plugin to see if they would be willing to upgrade their plugin.

Why do order URLs refer to Order IDs and not the Order Number?

Since the order ID is used to retrieve the correct order from the database, it's the parameter that's used in the URL. This is built into WooCommerce itself, so to change it would require modification of WooCommerce core. In addition, order numbers can contain characters that are not compatible with URL parameters, such as the # character.

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