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Set up SSL on my WordPress site

Having a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate on your WordPress website ensures that the data transmitted between the website and the user is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by malicious hackers. This provides a secure environment for online transactions and builds trust with visitors because they know their personal data, login credentials and payment details are safe and secure. There are several steps to add an SSL certificate to a WordPress site.

Note: We offer a Managed SSL service where we install and manage the SSL certificate for you, if you prefer to spend time on other things.

Request an SSL certificate

As a first step, you should request an SSL certificate based on the hosting plan you have and the certificate type you need.

Verify the SSL certificate

Now that you requested the certificate, it's time to verify you own the domain on which you want to set up the SSL certificate.

Download the SSL certificate

The next step is to download the SSL certificate files.

Install an SSL certificate

Based on your hosting plan, follow the steps from one of the articles below to install the downloaded SSL certificate.

Redirect your WordPress site to HTTPS

After you have followed all the steps, you should redirect traffic to your site to HTTPS to provide a secure experience for your visitors.

Check your SSL installation

Finally, to ensure that the SSL certificate is set up correctly, check your SSL installation.

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