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Transfers and updating Service Providers for .br domains

Customers using Trustee: You do not need to take any action if you opted in to use our Trustee service.

Existing .br domain customers: You must update the Service Provider, and transfer ownership on your existing .br domains to GoDaddy in order to purchase any new .br domain names and/or manage your .br domains and websites through us.

New .br domain customers: You will need to purchase a Transfer-in product first. Then, you must manually update the Service Provider, and transfer ownership to GoDaddy

Change Service Provider to GoDaddy

  1. Visit the .br registry website and click on Accessar Conta:
  2. Accessar conta button

  3. Enter your CNPJ/CPF ID in the search box.
  4. Note: If you don't remember the password or haven't registered, click on esqueci ou nao tenho senha and the registry will send a link associated with the email for the CNPJ / CPF ID to reset your password.

  5. Click on the Titularidade tab:
  6. Titularidade button

  7. Click the Editar Informacoes link.
  8. A drop-down menu will display your current registrar. Change the provider to GoDaddy and click Salvar to save that setting.
  9. Click on Concordo to accept the update.

Transfer ownership

You'll now need to assign or associate your CNPJ/CPF ID to GoDaddy on the Registry's website. Once this ID is associated with GoDaddy, all .br domains under that ID will now have GoDaddy as the whois contact Service Provider.

Visit the transfer page for .br domains and fill out the transfer form.

  1. Visit the .br transfer page
  2. Fill out the following fields:
    • Dominios: Enter the domain or list of domains you want to transfer.
    • Representantes legais do titular: Enter the name of the current domain owner.
    • E-mail ou codigo de usuario (ID) para contato: Enter the email address of the current domain owner.
    • Documento: Enter the CNPJ/CPF ID of the new owner.
  3. Click Prosseguir to continue.
  4. Once the form is completed, you will need to complete the following tasks:
    • Print the letter (click on Clicando aqui to print).
    • Get the letter notarized.
    • Make a copy of the CNPJ/CPF ID of the new owner.
    • Send the letter and the copy of the CNPJ/CPF ID to at the address provided on the page.

Why do I need to update the Service Provider to be GoDaddy?

We now have a direct relationship with the .br Registry, that enables us to offer longer registration terms (up to 10 years), and lower domain renewal fees. Prior to this integration, we were working with an intermediary to register and manage your .br domains.

As a result of this, the .br Registry requires that you update the Service Provider associated with your CNPJ/CPF ID to be GoDaddy. This needs to be done only once for you to take benefit of the longer registration terms, and lower domain renewal fees for all your domains.

Note: If your domain is renewing within the next two months, or if you need to redeem an expired domain, we suggest you first renew (or redeem) your domain, and then update the Service Provider setting. This will help reduce changes of your domain being impacted due to any delays in communication between the registry and us.

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