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Understanding accounts in the Reseller Program

The Reseller Program is flexible when it comes to setting up and managing accounts. While we keep a strict eye on security, it's easy to interact with the different accounts.

Note: To receive support for any account, you must have the username or customer number and 4-digit Support PIN for that account.

GoDaddy Account

  • The account where you purchase and annually renew your reseller plan.
  • The account where you update commission payment information, use your free products and access the Reseller Control Center.
  • You don't receive commission or receive special discounts on purchases made with this account.

Customer Account

  • Accounts for purchasing products at the retail price from your reseller storefront. Any visitor to your storefront can sign up and manage one of these accounts.
  • You earn commission on any purchases made with these accounts.
  • By default, you can access customer accounts as a delegate, such as to open and use their products.

Discount Customer Account

Sub-Reseller Account

  • Accounts set up as a customer of a Super Reseller.
  • You can only purchase Basic or Pro Reseller plans with these accounts.
  • Super Resellers make commission on the sale or renewal of sub-resellers' plans as well as commissions from sub-resellers' product sales.

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