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View orders in WooCommerce

One of the most basic things you'll need to know when running an online store is how to access your orders. In this article, we'll go over how to access your orders from within your WooCommerce store.

  1. Start by signing in to your WordPress site.
  2. On the left side menu, select WooCommerce and click on Orders.

Within the WooCommerce orders page, you'll see a list of your orders along with additional properties, such as the order date and status, that can be sorted and filtered to locate an order.

If you want to access order details, you have a few different options:

  • Click on the order name to open the order's details page.
  • Click on the eye icon next to the order name for a basic view of the order details within the current page.
  • Under Screen Options at the top of the page, enable the desired column(s) you want displayed in the orders list.

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