GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal Help

What is the App Center?

The App Center is where you learn about and subscribe to apps for your GoDaddy smart terminal. You can customize your smart terminal with apps designed to help you manage your business. Many apps include a free trial, so you can make sure the app is right for your business’s needs. Check out apps that are recommended for your business profile, or just browse through all available apps.

There are lots of different types of apps to check out, including:

  • Employee timeclock tracking
  • Loyalty and gift card programs
  • Order management
  • Business-specific apps (for example, tailored to restaurants or salons)

Want more info about an app? Each app includes a Help or Support section, where you can find guides and contact information from the developer. You’ll also find company contact info in the app details in the App Center.

After the initial free trial, apps are available at different pricing tiers. Subscription payments are charged monthly to the payment method you provide, or we can simply deduct the cost from your current payout balance.

Don’t love an app? You can cancel at any time before or after the free trial.

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