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What's included in my Marketing Services Basic plan?

Requesting updates from our Website Team is easy. Here's a list of the website design and layout tasks that are included as part of your plan, covering just about everything you need for a great website:

  • Changing colors or fonts
  • Updating, adding or removing text or images
  • Rearranging elements of your site template
  • Changing your site navigation or menu
  • Adding or updating a CTA (call-to-action) button
  • Setting up a contact form so your audience can reach you
  • Making a new page on your site (you write the text, we build the page)
  • Setting up a blog post or adding new posts (you send us the post you've written)
  • Adding an email sign-up form (we build and test it to be sure it works)
  • Adding an appointment or booking feature to your site
  • Adding new products to your existing Commerce site (you send us the images, descriptions, and prices)
  • Adding links to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Updating visuals to reflect seasonal changes (like holidays, specials)

What's not included in my Marketing Services Basic plan?

The following items aren't included in the service:

  • Building a new website or store
  • Fixing something on a 3rd party website (not yours)
  • Helping you publish your website
  • Helping with shipping, payments, or your taxes
  • Writing Terms & Conditions, Legal, or Privacy pages
  • Building a custom tool or site function
  • Designing or editing your logo
  • Editing photos or videos
  • Writing blog content or new site copy
  • Managing email marketing

For tasks like these, talk to a Guide for more website service options and products.

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About Real User Metrics (RUM) and Google Core Web Vitals (CWV)

For our Managed WordPress customers only: As part of your services purchase, and for continued improvement, you will be opted into Real User Metrics (RUM) and Google Core Web Vitals.

  • What is Real User Metrics (RUM)? RUM allows us to identify internal bottlenecks and optimization opportunities by inserting a small snippet of JavaScript code into customer websites. The snippet of JavaScript code allows us to measure and track the performance of your website and collects information such as connection time and page load time. We don't collect any user information with RUM. The data we collect allows us to improve our systems, optimize DNS resolution, improve network routing and server configurations.
  • What is Google Core Web Vitals? Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web. These vitals will be used to gauge your websites performance which can impact your search engine ranking. For more info, see the Web Vitals page.
  • How we use this data: Your customers expect fast connections and load times for your website and even minor slowness can cost you customer engagement and conversion. The data collected via RUM and CWV allows us to improve our products to continually increase the performance and state of your website.
  • What we DO NOT use this data for: We don’t collect any user information with RUM and CWV. We don't use this data to market additional products to you.
  • To opt out of RUM: Follow the steps in Disable Real User Metrics (RUM).

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